Coronavirus In Taj Nagari AGRA LIVE Updates – New Coronavirus Constructive Discovered In Uttar Pradesh



Coronavirus In Taj Nagari AGRA LIVE Updates: Tuesday was inauspicious about the corona infection. On Wednesday morning, 5 new cases have also been reported. Earlier on Tuesday morning, the figure had reached 295 with 28 new cases coming up. At the same time, after the report came late evening, 13 new patients had increased. Now the number of corona-infected patients has reached 313 in Taj Nagari. Corona has also been confirmed in the driver of 108 ambulances transporting corona infected patients to the hospital. He was staying with his partner in a room in the CMO office. The administration has not confirmed the cases that came on Wednesday morning.

Coronavirus In Taj Nagari AGRA LIVE Updates - New Coronavirus Positive Found In Uttar Pradesh

Coronavirus in Agra Uttar Pradesh

According to Collector Prabhu N. Singh, 13 cases have increased on Tuesday evening. They are being treated. Here Kannauj resident 26 year old Emergency Medical Technician EMT along with his fellow driver had been transporting Corona infected patients to the hospital since 28 days. Both of them were living in a room in the CMO office. One of his reports had come negative, samples were sent for re-examination. Corona is confirmed in this. At the same time, eight employees were also sampled after the corona was confirmed in the housing development resident resident employee working at the office of the association official at the fountain drug market. Of this, the biographical report of 26-year-old employee of Mandi and 25-year-old resident of Lashkarpur Kamla Nagar is positive. The report of a 39-year-old railway line resident of Tundla resident admitted in SN itself is also positive. Reports of 26 and 28 year old kidney patients are positive.

Corona was confirmed in SN’s female employee, reports of a 12-and-six-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son of a Khatikpada resident have also come up positive.

Hospital operating doctor of Rakabganj area and his doctor son quarantined the patient and staff after the corona was confirmed in Gurugram. Their first report was negative, they were re-examined before being sent home. Of this, the report of husband, mother-in-law and brother-in-law of Kheragarh resident’s mother-in-law has come positive. At the same time, the report of a ward is also positive. Corona has been confirmed in 15, including the doctor, son and doctor of this hospital.

Corona was confirmed in a housing development worker working at the association’s official store in the fountain drug market. Another employee, a resident of Pathwari Dhuliangganj, who works at the shop, got corona examined after confirmation of the corona in a private lab, the 53-year-old shopkeeper’s report came on a positive note. Call the Health Department, Police. However, no one reached to pick them up, after waiting for several hours, the team brought them home.

The relatives of the corona-infected patient were quarantined in public school, there were more people here, two of which corona have been confirmed. The 44-year-old patient admitted to the district mandi, admitted to the district hospital, has also become corona positive.

From Saharanpur, a 20-year-old resident of Tajganj came to Agra, samples were taken. Corona is confirmed in this. At the same time, two people who came in contact with the Jamaat of Nai Ki Mandi have come corona positive.

Coronavirus in Agra Uttar Pradesh increased like this

  • March 3 Shoe businessman, his two sons, Putravadhu, grandson.
  • 7 March Manager in a shoe trader’s factory.
  • 8 March The manager’s wife in the shoe trader’s factory.
  • March 13: A woman came to her maiden railway colony from Bangalore.
  • 26 March Doctor’s son returned from America.
  • 27 March Daughter of automobile businessman returned from London.
  • 29 March Returns from England, son of college operator.
  • 1 April Doctor father of Corona infected son.
  • April 3 Corona corroborated in a youth returned from Dubai in the seven hoarding and biographical mandi area.
  • April 4 Corona corroborated at 25, including a substandard Azam Khan resident and 25 people with his contact.
  • April 5 Biography Corona corroborated in silver artisan of Jagdishpura, mother and brother of young man returned from Dubai in Mandi area.
  • April 6 Corona confirmed in two of the hospital technicians of Rakabganj area, including businessman, Jamati, who returned from Dubai.
  • April 8 Corona confirmed in two new cases.
  • 9 April 19 Confirmation in the case.
  • 10 April Confirmed in five new cases, all deposited.
  • April 11 Confirmation in three new cases.
  • 12 April 12 Confirmation in new cases.
  • April 13 According to KGMU, 35 new cases in Agra.
  • Confirmation in six new cases by 14 April night. Death of one
  • Confirmation of 19 new cases till late night of 15 April.
  • Another death, five new cases, a total of 172 cases on Thursday 16 April.
  • 17 April – 24 new cases on Friday, 196 total cases.
  • April 18 – One death on Saturday, 45 new cases, 241 total cases.
  • 19 April – 14 new cases on Sunday, 255 total cases.
  • April 20 – 12 new cases on Monday, total 267 cases.
  • April 21 – Tuesday 41 new cases, 308 total cases.



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