‘UTTAR RAMAYAN’ 1st Could 2020 Written Episode Replace: Luv-Kush challenged Shatrughan



‘UTTAR RAMAYAN’ 1st Could 2020 Written Episode Replace: In Ayodhya, there may be preparation for Ashwadh Yagya. Right here, Little Luv-Kush takes Ashwamedh’s horse. They learn the problem and ask Ram to battle. Luv-Kush injures the commander, after which Shatrughan approaches Luv-Kush. Luv-Kush challenges Shatrughan for battle or talks about calling Ram. After this, Luv-Kush has a battle with Shatrughan.

'UTTAR RAMAYAN' 1st May 2020 Written Episode Update: Luv-Kush challenged Shatrughan

RAMAYAN 1st Could 2020 Written Replace

On this battle, Shatrughan will get the arrow of Luv-Kush. Through which Shatrughan turns into unconscious with the arrow of Luv-Kush. Its data is shipped to the palace. Laxman and Bharat get very nervous and inform Ram about sleeping. Ram will get offended that which king did such braveness. Earlier it was proven that in Ayodhya, the delivery anniversary of Sri Ram is widely known by providing havan yagna and donations to Brahmins.

On the recommendation of Laxman , Ram resolves to carry out the Ashwamedha Yagya on the orders of Guru Vashistha. Ram says that it is a lovely proposal. And we have now the sensation that we’re responsible of killing Brahman by killing Ravana. Due to this fact, Gurudev resolves to carry out the Ashwamedha Yagya with the permission of Vashistha. Right here Ram has taken a vow however no non secular work is full with out a spouse. In such a state of affairs, even this Mahayagya couldn’t be completed.

Ram was not in any manner accepted by the proposal of second marriage. On this dilemma, Shriram says that our second marriage violates our wife-religion. Discover within the scriptures, there will probably be some resolution to this drawback. Then Guru Vasistha suggests the treatment, saying that in such a state of affairs, the work of faith may be accomplished by making a statue of the spouse and retaining it rather than the spouse. Ram ji makes a gold idol of Sita ji. And determined to carry out Ashwamedha Yagya. He cordially invitations the sages – sages, intellectuals, kings to the provinces. Right here Sita involves learn about Ashwamedha Yagya, whereas Sita can also be instructed that now Shriram may be married. Sita is shocked to listen to this.

RAMAYAN Written Replace

After 12 years, your entire Raj household gathered. The three moms, all 4 sons are enthusiastic about this work, however all of them miss Sita. On this non secular work, Laxman, Bharat, Shatrughna are accompanied by all three daughters-in-law however all are saddened by the absence of Sita, the elder daughter-in-law. It’s mentioned that after how a lot time we’re all united. It’s mentioned that at present, after 12 years, all of the sons are sitting with you, how good it can really feel. Kaushalya says sure it will have been good when all of the daughters-in-law had been additionally there. With out him, Ayodhya doesn’t appear to be Ayodhya.

Then again, Valmiki affords divine weapons to Luv- Kush. He says, I’ll present divine weapons which nobody on this world has. All these weapons are at will. On invoking them, they assault the enemy. On their name, enemies, snakes and demons can conquer all. The sage says that don’t use these weapons to subdue the ego. He pledges for all this.

Mom, don’t inform who our father is. We’ve not requested but as a result of if it’s a painful factor, then your coronary heart will damage. Then what’s the matter. At present when you will have raised the difficulty, then inform me who they’re? Why do it’s important to do puja to satisfy them? Gurudev will reply all this.

A statue of Mom Sita is made to take part within the yagna. Seeing the statue of Sita at first sight, you get mesmerized. He will get misplaced for a number of moments. Ram says very lovely. Ram awards the craftsman.

Ashwamedha Yagya has began. This non secular work begins with Ram filling the river with water. Together with Ram, your entire topics attain the ritual place with water in a pot on the top. The interval of chanting continues throughout this era. Then again, Valmiki has additionally left to carry out rituals on Sita’s Sangam river. Solely Sita and Ram will meet after this ritual.

Within the Mahayagya, the horse of the yajna known as after the chanting and worship methodology. Ram salutes the horse and says- You unfold the celebrity of the Raghukul in all 4 instructions. On the identical time, Shatrughan is shipped with the horse. They are saying – Go backwards along with your military to guard this horse. Let it go in no matter path you need to go. If somebody stops studying them even after studying the warning message, make them free to battle. Raghukul doesn’t have a dropping follow. Due to this fact come earlier than me victorious. This yagya will probably be completed solely after you come.

Ram will get data that Ashwamedha’s horse has wandered in all 4 instructions and entered the boundary of Kaushal Raj. Shatrughan will quickly be at your toes. Ram could be very completely happy to listen to this. Then again, the horse wanders into the forest, that Luv Kush sees him. Luv Kush reads the knowledge written on a horse-drawn plank. Each discuss of preventing with Ram. It’s mentioned that Kshatriyas don’t withdraw from battle.

The horse of Ashwamedha yagna catches Luv Kush. They learn the problem and ask Ram to battle. Luv Kush injures the commander, after which Shatrughan approaches Luv Kush. Luv Kush talks about making Shatrughan a battle or calling Ram. Shatrughna has a battle with Luv Kush.

Shatrughna battles with Luv and Kush. After a protracted battle, Shatrughan Veer lastly faints from the arrow of kids. Its data is shipped to the palace. Laaxman and Bharat get very nervous and inform Ram about sleeping. Ram will get offended that which king did such braveness.



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